NASIMCO recognizes the seriousness of the threat of the coronavirus to our North American community members, in addition to all of humanity in general.

Community members may be affected by unemployment, sickness, transportation, access to food, medicine, etc.

To this end, we have started an initiative in the form of a COVID-19 Task Force. This task force will hope to evaluate individual member needs and provide relevant support as required. An Emergency Covid-19 Relief Fund has been established where tax deductible donations and contributions can be made directly on our website, and on the NASIMCO App.

The funds collected will be used to provide members who are in need of temporary financial assistance, provide meals, groceries, medical supplies and/or funds for rent to those whose income has been affected by the pandemic. The funds may also be used to purchase and distribute supplies to various Jamaats and to local hospitals and medical institutions.

Please join us to collectively donate and assist our communities and humanity at large during this crisis.

May Allah protect us all during these trying times. Aameen.