Mortgage Relief

Canadian banks have committed to work with their customers on a case-by-case basis to find solutions to help them manage hardships caused by COVID-19. Canadians who are impacted by COVID-19 and experiencing financial hardship, as a result, should contact their financial institution regarding flexibility for a mortgage deferral. This allows flexibility to be available − when needed − to those who need it the most.

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The Academy for Learning Islam (A.L.I.) is committed to teaching and explaining the religious tenets, history and practices of Islam according to the Shī‘ah Ithnā ‘Asharī school of thought.

ALI aims to promote holistic growth of the individual. It provides practical religious inspiration that helps to appreciate the beauty and practicality of Islam. Courses and activities cover religious and spiritual topics, nutrition and physical health, as well as emotional issues that play an important role in personal well-being and self-development. ALI also offers insights into the rich heritage of Islam through art courses and retreat activities.

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