The Academy for Learning Islam (A.L.I.) is committed to teaching and explaining the religious tenets, history and practices of Islam according to the Shī‘ah Ithnā ‘Asharī school of thought.

ALI aims to promote holistic growth of the individual. It provides practical religious inspiration that helps to appreciate the beauty and practicality of Islam. Courses and activities cover religious and spiritual topics, nutrition and physical health, as well as emotional issues that play an important role in personal well-being and self-development. ALI also offers insights into the rich heritage of Islam through art courses and retreat activities.

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Club313 comprises of a team of volunteers dedicated to youth empowerment, in preparation for the Imam of our time ajft. We work closely with a board of advisors comprising of scholars and professionals, who are responsible for making sure our content is completely in line with the teachings of the Ahlulbayt as. The experts we hire for designing and delivering the programmes have vast amount of professional experience in the area of development, are fully vetted and are DBS holders (see “Our Experts” page for more information). Club313 runs on a completely non-profit basis. Our passion is to help the youth thrive and excel their potential so they can be proud ambassadors of the Ahlulbayt as and we also want to make ease for the parents along the way so there is an element of learning for our parents too in order to support their children.

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